May 8, 2009

my favorite color b l u e

im dying to see the movie "mizu no onna" (woman of water) starring asano tadanobu and one of my favorite japanese singers, UA. it's supposed to be about a woman who owns a bathhouse? the entire film is shot in this beautiful serene eerie blue light, it looks gorgeous.

ryan wallace's paintings are incredible. they have such presence and yet i feel that if i were to hang one up in my room, it would just sort of blend in with everything else. so powerful but soft. also, they're blue.

i like to look at james cooper's underwater photography and fantasize about skinnydipping in a big bright blue bottomless bubbly sunlit pool

hans hartung

i grew up reading my parents'pierre et gilles coffeetable books like picturebooks...not sure if its the best stuff for a 5 yr old but i think that partly explains my strange love for homoerotic christian imagery, sailors, water, and the color blue

chagall was my mamas favorite

水色 (blue) by UA


Matias Bouhet said...

blue is my favorite color too! great blog :)


Anonymous said...

ah, there he is! tadanobu my homeboy!

etoilee8 said...

I grew up with my parents letting me watch anything on tv. I realized this wasn't normal, when naming my favourite movies to my friends.

yui said...

Sliding Doors Love Actually Lost in Translation Flirting Detroit Rock City arent exactly R rated tho?