May 1, 2009

hair, makeup.....silly beauty talk

i've been thinking. i need to make more effort in the beauty department.

i know this photo is old old news but i just cant get over how amazing the milkyway of stickers on this kids face looks. part of the fun is the irony of the model being a white tattooed male with plugs, i know, but i still wanted to try it out for myself so i picked up some bubble stickers on the way home today

(btw this photo was shot by hedi slimane for vogue hommes japan #1. the entire issue was insane, i havent bought #2 yet but vhj is one of the few mags worth actually taking home in my opinion)

another cute idea

love all sorts of bowl-cuts. mine is a semi-bowl at the moment and i'm trying to grow it out so i can get a sloped bowl like bjork.
rinko kikuchi reppin the japakneees!

more bowls by raf simons x david sims (check out the whole series)

where can i find blue/purple lipstick like this?? the color reminds me of laura palmers frozen dead lips...i think the whole vibe of this photo is beautiful, cant for the life of me remember where i found it tho

i like to look to boys for beauty tips. i guess im into the whole genderbending thing-- boys in heels, girls with shaved heads and all that jazz...
would love to have hair like francisco lachowski. he's so pretty, isnt he? (via tfs via vogue hommes japan2)


havent been wearing my orange shu uemura cream eyeshadow enough. its fun to lay it on thick, asian-dork style like this 07 teenvogue editorial featuring none other than my favorite tao!

ill wrap up with another david sims photo for helmut lang, 1995. oh wrong yet so cool. makes me want an elongated triangle between my eyes


Matias Bouhet said...

amazing post! great blog


ally said...

love your blog! i just discovered it today and have already read all your posts! amazing