July 19, 2008

Thought she'd gone for good but she'd only gone for smokes

Cute guy modeling cute necklaces. I like the ivory necklace by BS&PS but also love the idea of an upside down Jesus cross--that one's by Eddie Borgo.

Update: Some comments made me curious so I checked on google and it seems that an actual crucifix (ft. jesus) upside down is a disrespectul/satanic thing. A simple cross upside down can be okay if you're a faithful christian.
I'm an atheist but I've always had a certain amount of respect for catholicism . I don't think it's cool to be abusing other people's symbols for the hell of it but I do genuinely find the crucifix beautiful--which is probably why it didn't occur to me in the first place that an inverted version is wrong.
If I had a right to decide I'd say that it's unimportant how a cross or a crucifix is worn--upsidedown or sideways doesn't change the fact that Jesus died on the cross. It reminds me of Andres Serrano's Piss Christ: At first you're like huh, some guy threw jesus into a bowl of his own pee? Sacrilege! But then it hits you: why should it matter, it's beautiful anyway.


Marmalade Wombat said...

hahaha cute indeed. this made me smile.

but isn't the upside down cross the symbol of the anti-christ commonly worn by emos, satanists and punk rockers?

cc said...

really!?? i didn't know that...

Anonymous said...

The upside down crucifix is a symbol of St. Peter, who was crucified upside down at his request (he felt unworthy to die in the same way as Christ).

So not satanical at all, but rather pious.

Anonymous said...

okay,there's a good point made here,i'm an athiest aswell,but i know for a fact that christ died on a cross,but i don't know if he is or was the son of god,but it really shouldn't matter how it's worn,i mean look at the pentagram,it's worn in the same manner