July 11, 2008

New jersey turnpike ridin on a wet night

Did I mention how I'm mildly obsessed with Burfitt's spring collection? I can't get over how awesome the different plaid patterns look together, all acid-washed and worn out and combined with the random yellow/purple/green dyed rope accessory. A quick glance at the lookbook the other day confirmed that the collection is as cool as I thought. It was styled perfectly, not that "effortless" bullshit but really all out neo-punk with clown makeup, pink hair, balloons and wooden getas. I could def. use a bit of crazy in my wardrobe this summer.


emilyellen said...

that is exactly what i thought when i first saw this too. the shorts on the upper right are so nice i've never seen them before definitely a lot more interesting (and my style) than the usual plaid shorts.

Katlin at URPLE said...

Those shorts are something else! I love the fading effect, the cuts of the fabric, the knot belt... everything. You find the coolest stuff!!