March 18, 2008

More laziness

Ok I must be more obsessed with Permanent Vacation than I realized. Two more PV items that are totally hot: the hope cap (inspired by an R.Kelly vid, what's not to love about that seriously), and "the clan" chunky knit sweater.


Lynn & Horst said...

when i first read "Ok I must be more obsessed with Permanent Vacation" without knowing about the label i was thinking "wow, she did it, she just lives the permanent vacation thing", hehe

but it's 'just' a label, hehe! how i wished i could be "roaming around the streets with no particular goals in mind"... it's really romantic and makes me sigh...

btw, the clothes are great!

SICK. said...

i love that sweater, i wanted it a couple of months ago.
it was cold.


maja said...

im so happy to read this. i live in gothenburg amongst those people and they deserve every piece of admiration they cat get. go PV!