February 1, 2008

A spaceship summer

I'm really happy to see that Toga has been getting a bit of recognition lately among cool fashion blogs. I've written about this label before, but their awesomeness totally deserves another post so here is their latest collection.

It's not my favorite collection by Yasuko Furuta so far, but in this case I'm loving the idea behind the clothes more than anything. Judging from the collection title "Trojan Horse", I suspect it has something to do with the popular 80s Japanese anime Gundam Robot and the spaceship White Base (whose code name was actually Trojan Horse--oh god I am such a geek for knowing this stuff). I think it's brilliant that Furuta has managed to translate the retro-futuristic feel of the spaceships into such wearable pieces. And who doesn't love the idea of a spaceship inspired wardrobe to keep the summer cool.

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Bobble Bee said...

Furuta is such an interesting designer, as you said, i'm so glad more and more she's getting the attention deserved.