February 10, 2008

Me likey

Jargol has been doing some really great posts lately. There are so many things that have been catching my eye and I don't really know where to begin...but for starters, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair AW08. Um wow?

More here and here.

Also, Joan Schepp has a small but fantastic selection of clothes and accessories that are so so so me. I'm loving these in particular.

Martin Margiela 6

Sissi Rossi

And while we're at it, aussie label Claude Maus looks really nice.


Anonymous said...
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Bobble Bee said...

wow, the white dress from the first picture is really gorgeous.

art kids said...

yes, claude maus IS good. i did a window display for a retail space here (melbourne) and asked them to save a tshirt for me, but of course they didn't. :( that was last AW too, so i'll never see that lovely moon print again.