January 27, 2008

Statues and manbags

Jil Sander's men's fall collection was kind of awesome. I don't wear prints too often but I wouldn't mind owning a dress or jacket or two in this disgustingly cool marble pattern.

And this is the kind of outfit I would love to see my boyfriend wear on a semi-formal occasion. Except, minus the bag. I admit the manbag is becoming increasingly common these days (ubiquitous even, in Tokyo at least) and the fact that it's Jil Sander almost makes it okay. Almost. They're still a little féminin though, no?

I would actually carry any one of the bags in this collection. Since I dislike hardware and any excessive embelishments on my bags, manbags are perfect for me.

But hang on, am I being ridiclously sexist in saying that it's okay for me to be carrying the bags, but not okay for men to be carrying them? Or maybe my point is that I wouldn't be dating the kind of guy who'd carry them? I mean, the average sweaty guy doesn't walk into Jil Sander and just pick out a hand-held marble print tote right? Sigh. I don't know what I'm trying to say.

What do you guys think about hand-held bags for men?

[By the way, sorry if you tried to access this blog in the last few days and couldn't--I changed my template and lost a lot of stuff in the process so I've been messing around with the html codes and trying to get all my links back up.]

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