November 2, 2007

chop chop

I've been seriously considering getting a short-do in manner of Jean Seberg in A Bout de Souffle or Kate Moss circa 95--you know, something along the lines of a pixie cut, as I am growing tired of the bore that is my current shoulder-length hair. If I were fifteen I would have done it already (in fact I did have a pixie cut up until I was eighteen, it was a bitch to grow out I'll tell ya) but oohh this girl I found on bored&beautiful who kinda sorta reminds me of antm's kim is really inspiring me to just go and hack it all off again.


The Clothes Horse said...

pixie cuts are gorgeous. you've already had it once, so you know it won't look terrible, right?

WendyB said...

It's a very cute look. I'm not going back there though, personally!

SICK. said...

when i did it, i thought i was going to look like a cross between edie sedgwick, agyness deyn, and audrey hepburn. not quite. lots of people told me it looked good, i just was mistaken for a boy a couple of times. maybe because i didn't wear makeup though. but i still would do it, but just not right now.
i'd still look like a boy.

do it!


EJ said...

go go go for the short hair. i had mine done a la seberg and loved it. plus you get to have lots of boys tell you how they secretly like girls with short hair as it's more interesting! x