September 10, 2007

translating it onto the runway

Even if a collection doesn't appeal to my tastes it's always interesting to try to speculate what may have inspired a designer.

18th century British painter Joseph Mallord Turner's ethreal landscape paintings for Basso & Brooke?
German Renaissance painter Hans Holbein's infamous "Christina of Denmark" for Peter Jensen?

17th century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyck's portraits for Louis Vuitton?
In other news, I have mixed feelings about ss08 so far. I think I'll comment once I've seen everything and decided what I do and don't like.


Anonymous said...

thats great , love you research!

shadowplay said...

Wonderful post. I absolutely love when knowledgeable bloggers compare art and fashion. Yeah, I did read that Peter Jensen's collection was inspired by Christina of Denmark. Personally I liked it, I'm one of those people who most of the time pick clothes to hide in, so I liked the sweaters and the big poofy skirts. And that's so cool, I always wondered about the colours and texture in that Louis Vuitton collection.

WendyB said...

Good comparisons.