September 4, 2007

kimono colors for the face

Liking Shu Uemura's fall mode collection Edo Komon and the idea of wearing kimono colors on the face. And these would be so great for halloween.


shadowplay said...

If my brother saw that picture he'd squirm and make some snarky comment about how the models looked like they were diseased or something. lol I actually really like that blue colour, looks kind of spacey, like the girl has some sort of sparkley blue moon crater slapped onto her eyelid. Pretty cool! But I have blue eyes so it would look terrible on me (never match blue eyes and blue eye make-up). Not that I'd ever be able to try something so bold. (I tried some mascara and eyeliner, washed it off, and right after that my brother sees me and says: "I don't think you look very well with that make-up." and I'm like, "I don't have any make-up on anymore, dummy." I imagine how he'd hand me a paper bag to hide my face with, if he saw me with fresh make-up. lol)

And those eyelashes are quite the statement. I wonder with what Halloween costume they'd look best. Maybe some kind of magical bird, idk. What do you think?

cc said...

i always thought blue eyes work well with dark shades like navy grey and purple. You should try it-you never know, you might like it, and makeup tends to look a lot less subtle on! do people your age in bulgaria tend not to wear much makeup?
the eyelashes..lets see...maybe they would look cool with a shiny mod/neo-futuristic outfit like a silver minidress, clear plastic raincoat and platforms. but personally i would love to wear them with a jumpsuit & bowler hat (maybe even a jockstrap) outfit inspired by a clockwork orange!

shadowplay said...

It's something like a rule, if you have blue eyes, don't put blue eye makeup on, because you end up looking really cheap. But I guess that blue is dark enough to work. And you're right, grey looks great on blue eyes (hopefully purple does also, my favourite colour :) lol) People in Bulgaria are just like any other country when it comes to make-up - some wear it, some don't. I personally don't/can't.

omg! Silly me, I thought I was the only one who wanted to dress up as Miss Clockwork Orange for a Halloween party. Too bad we don't truly celebrate it here. Jockstrap would be a bit weird though. lol